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Blacklist Prevention

Blacklisting is a common issue for buyers, here is some useful tips to help prevent you from buying a blacklisted phone.

There is several ways you can pretect yourself from buying a blacklisted phone or any device with a IMEI.
If you are buying online or from somewhere such as Craigslist or Kijiji you are risking getting ripped off from the seller, before buying the device make sure it powers on and that everything works, Once you determine the device is in working order head over to www.swappa.com "if possible from your cellphone or over wifi on a tablet" and check the IMEI simply put in *#06# in the dial pad and the imei will show up then enter that code into the sites imei search bar and see if its blacklisted, you can also head over to protectyourdata.com to be sure its not blacklisted.
If you cannot check the imei on the spot message the seller to request for the imei "still risky" as they could give you a fake imei so ask for pictures.
You can also call most cellphone repair shops to see if they will check it for you, this includes us, we are here to make sure you dont get ripped off from shady sellers.

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